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Ah ewe shore your getting you're brand message 'out their' in the write weigh?

Sleet Consultancy can help you make the most of every opportunity to engage with your consumers at the right level to build your brand and drive sales.

Impressing customers or potential clients is not as simple as having the right product at the right price. There are many great products from which to choose, so how do you ensure that you fill that niche? Since Sleet Consultancy began operations in January 2011, we have delivered a diverse range of solutions to a wide range of customers. Make sure you are targeting the right market in the right way!

We are happy to handle everything from small hourly tasks to large ongoing projects.

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The Times Have Changed

Change in politics is easy to spot. Donald Trump comes into power and the USA is forever changed. Brexit happens…
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Why South Africa is ready to lead the world

"The next three years will demonstrate clearly that South African wines can lead global innovation" Ross Sleet talks to Richard Siddle at TheBuyer http://www.the-buyer.net/opinion/ross-sleet-on-why-south-africa-is-ready-to-lead-the-world-in-wine-innovation/
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Selling wine in East Africa – a few lessons learned

Having spent seven and half months in Tanzania earlier this year working for MMI Tanzania (MMI is part of the…
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